Our Team

We lead a strong community of consultants, accredited coaches, trainers & facilitators who are all certified by Mind Transformations programs & methodologies.

Barney Wee has dedicated the last 25 years to personal development training and coaching, and in parallel, he has devoted the last 8 years to certifying life and executive coaches. Since 1997, he has been at the forefront of human change technologies, using the cognitive and behavioural approach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as his “operating system” for creating solutions.

He has worked with Multinational Corporations, Government-Linked Companies and Government institutions as a consultant and a trainer. His latest innovation includes the integration of the Multiple Intelligences and Adult Development Theory, based on the works of Howard Gardner and Susanne Cook-Greuter respectively.

Dr Barney WEE

Who we are

Our MTC core team comprises of professionals in HR, leadership, learning & development, change management & business management expertise from various industries.

Seok Hian comes with more than 20 years of HR & leadership experience. She has taken on a wide spectrum of roles ranging from generalist, business partner, regional role, coach, trainer and consultant.

She specializes in Organization Development, Talent Management & Leadership Development, helping organizations to perform, scale and transform.

She aspires to nurture young leaders; enhance the leadership quality in every organization she partners with, so that businesses can achieve what they truly setup to do.

Most of her workshops & facilitation are leadership programs for tech start-ups, ecommerce, media & advertising, financial institutions, education, IT, construction and biomedical industries. Participants range from senior leadership, middle management & employees from different nationalities.

She also conducts HR Business Partnering programs for HR practitioners who wish to step up into HRBP or strategic roles.

Seok Hian TANG

Meet our
esteemed coaches

Ian has more than 20 years of leadership experience in private and public sectors. He believes in experiential learning and productive conversation or dialogue. Coupled with skillful application of principles or concepts, he endeavours to create deep insights or gain fresh ideas with his clients.

He has conducted workshops with a wide range of audiences, including senior leadership teams, executives and individual contributors.

His experiences in facilitation include government-initiated dialogues with the community, change conversations with teams, exploration conversations on growth, etc.

Facilitator / Trainer

Joan has more than 20 years of HR experience, having held leadership roles in HR Business Partnering, Head of HR, and Regional Head of Learning & Development in the Financial Service Industry.

She specialises in leadership and people capability development, Workforce Transformation, Talent Management, and Organisation Development.

Joan’s aspiration is to support organisations in transforming their workforce towards a growth mindset and be future-ready in embracing a challenging and evolving corporate environment.

Most of Joan’s time is spent coaching senior leaders, training and facilitating leadership workshops both in-house and externally.

Executive Coach / Trainer / Facilitator & HR Consultant


For over 25 years, Peggy was involved in Portfolio, Program and Project Management in Business Process Transformation, Transition Change Management and revolutionary Sales and Marketing capabilities for corporates in the retail, manufacturing and technology domain.

Peggy is highly passionate about helping people develop self-awareness and so that they can acquire the skills, knowledge and attitude to unleash their full potential.

She has facilitated workshops for a wide range of industries – banking, logistics, defence science, healthcare, airlines and aviation, etc. Participants come from a diverse cultural background and range from senior leadership, middle management & individual contributors.

Peggy also conducts the equivalent of TTT program (ACLP) for Institute of Adult Learning, which prepares and certifies trainers for their respective industries.

Peggy KHOO
Facilitator / Trainer

Joseph is an Intrapreneur, Trainer and Coach at Mind Transformations. He brings a wide range of hands-on experience in sales, marketing, operations, project management and software development.

In a world where we have easy access to abundant knowledge, Joseph aspires to deliver experiential training programmes that turn head knowledge into practical skills and transformation.

Joseph facilitates professional coach certification programmes, NLP, communication and self-mastery programmes. His participants range from senior leadership, middle management, HR, technical and sales professionals of multi-generation and multi- nationalities.

Joseph CHNG
Facilitator / Trainer


Bernard Chwee

Bernard is a Consultant, Trainer and Coach with more than 11 years of HR experience and transformation capabilities.

He specializes in Human Resource Transformation, Organisation & People Development, Agile Ways of Working and Change Management in delivery of valued business outcomes through consulting.

Most of his trainings & facilitations are centred around Human Resource (People), Change Management and Agile programs for PMETs in diverse industries such as Consumer, Information Technology, Food & Beverage, eCommerce, Supply Chain, Finance, Healthcare, Public Service, Banking, SMEs, etc.

Bernard aspires to reshape people experience, rethink Human Resource and redevelop talents as an effective change facilitator. He strives to deliver excellence in coaching teams and individuals with multi-intelligence NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching methodology to adapt and thrive in VUCA business environments today.

Bernard CHWEE
Consultant / Coach / Trainer

Xiaowei is a People Capabilities Development Professional who has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in in-country and regional capacities.

She specialises in Coaching, Talent Development Solutions & Delivery and Human Resource Consulting.

Xiaowei has worked with talents, professionals and management across industries such as retail, logistics, public service and start-ups.

Through her practical and immersive approach, Xiaowei aspires to empower organisations, teams and people to develop and unlock potentials beyond perceived limits through strategic thinking, feeling and behaviours through modelling.

ANG Xiaowei
Facilitator / Consultant


Celine is a trainer, facilitator and coach at Mind Transformations. Over the years, she has taken on a variety of roles ranging from entrepreneur, sales person, teacher, coach, trainer and facilitator.

She aspires to empower individuals to confidently take control of building a future they want for themselves through developing self-awareness and compassion for others.

Celine facilitates and conducts NLP, communication and personal development programmes. She has worked with a wide range of participants, including those from management levels, HR, executives and sales professionals.

Celine WONG
Facilitator / Trainer

Sook Han is a facilitator and coach, specialising in sensemaking and turning complex data into insights, learning and actions for a broad audience. She facilitates design thinking workshops, community engagement through focus groups, interviews and surveys, and training.

She has worked for over 20 years in telecommunications and technology in Singapore and multinational companies across roles spanning product management, marketing, business analysis and strategy. She also established the advocacy, research, marketing and PR function at Singapore’s largest association for the tech industry.

Sook Han LEE

Facilitator / Coach

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