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Is your team ready to seize the opportunities in 2023 and beyond?

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic jolted entire economies. Companies and workers scrambled to adapt to survive amid the disruption. As things started looking up in 2022, the Russian-Ukraine war started a chain reaction that threw everything in disarray again. And yet, opportunities exist and will continue to emerge – for those who are prepared and able to capture them.

Is your team ready to brave continued market volatility and navigate the organisation to seize future opportunities?

The Paradox of Performance and Well-being

The Paradox of Performance and Well-being

Organisations have always existed to create and deliver value, which is predicated on performance. Meanwhile, employee well-being (not only “wellness”) has come to the fore in recent years.

Much management attention has been placed on walking the tightrope between performance and well-being.

This diagram illustrates the tension between the focus on performance and well-being, a common situation in most organisations today.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

As most organisations have experienced, the paradox of performance and well-being can neither be solved by continually hiring new, high-performing employees, nor by throwing more money at run-of-the-mill training or feel-good wellness programmes.

Introducing the Paradoxical Mindset

In this paradigm, business leaders find unique leverage by working on three key relationships:

Relationship with the Self, with the Team and with the Environment

If you could do that for your team, what possibilities would the future hold?

MTC Exclusive Workshop Invitation

We’re inviting you to Mind Transformations Consulting’s exclusive, invitation-only workshop.

When you participate in this half-day action-packed workshop, you will experience how we apply research-backed insights to each organisation’s unique circumstances and help your team achieve performance and well-being simultaneously.

See the possibilities for your team and your business through:

  • Appreciating the paradoxical mindset where performance and well-being are continuous states to be leveraged.
  • Discover how the leader’s relationships with the Self, with the Team and with the Environment form a team’s leverage points.
  • Experiencing how our unique experiential learning methodology, via a journey into a simulated parallel universe (see below), ignites mindset shifts and motivates individuals to brace themselves to tackle the turbulent times ahead.
  • Identifying areas of imbalance in performance and well-being within your team so you can prioritise relevant mitigations.

Ignite a shift in your team members’ mindset so they are empowered to apply future-relevant skills under challenging circumstances and increase your chances of business success in the uncertain environment ahead.

Workshop Programme
  • Introduction: The Paradox of Performance and Well-Being
  • Simulation Activity & Facilitated Reflection
  • Connecting the Experience to Your Teams – the MTC way

Date: 21 Feb 2023 (Tue)
Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

(In-person, by invitation only.)

Performance vs Well-Being

Programme Highlight – Simulation Activity

“The best way to learn something is by experiencing it.”

A cornerstone of the Mind Transformations Consulting methodology is experiential learning and mindset development.

This workshop is a rare opportunity to have a taste of our magic. Be transported into a parallel universe that mirrors real-life business.

The direct, visceral experience, supported by a facilitated reflection, will connect your learning with real-life challenges and inspire you to explore new business mindsets and imagine possible new ways of doing things.

Mind Transformations Consulting (MTC) in Action

About Mind Transformations Consulting (MTC)

Mind Transformations Consulting is a community of consultants, accredited coaches, trainers and facilitators.

The community comprises experienced professionals with rich expertise in business leadership and management, HR, learning & development and change management across industries and regions.

Through MTC’s research-backed methodology, which amalgamates multiple fields, including brain-based learning, multiple-intelligence Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Agile methodologies, and leveraging experiential learning, we have helped teams in over 120 organisations implement interventions that unleash their potential and drive performance in tandem with organisational well-being.

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